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Gwangju CCI

Gwangju CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is a comprehensive economic organization voluntarily established by the entrepreneurs of Gwangju in 1936. The CCI is in accordance with Chamber of Commerce Law with a purpose of promoting the improvement and development of local economy. Any company which runs business more than certain scale within the jurisdiction would be automatically qualified for the membership.
The major decision of the CCI is made at the General Council who are elected by the members. The Standing councils, also elected by the members, are responsible for the implementation of project plan and budget plan. The necessary operating expenses are funded by the membership dues. As a private international economic organization, 150 countries are in the membership of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) based in France. In Korea, 70 local CCIs are in activity across the nation under the umbrella of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry which was founded in 1884.

Purpose of CCI

  • The purpose of Gwangju CCI is aimed at providing diverse and wide range of services as a representative organization to advocate the interests of businesses. The CCI also seek the comprehensive development of commerce and industry as well as the balanced growth of national and local economy.

Public Economic Organization

  • Since the establishment in 1936, Gwangju CCI is a private economic organization which was founded in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce Law.

Comprehensive Economic Organization

  • Gwangju CCI is a comprehensive economic organization comprising of entire business except primary industries such as agriculture and fishery. The membership of CCI covers business of any size and stands for the whole economic community.

Local based Organization

  • With its close cooperation network with the counterpart chambers of 150 countries, the CCI is a worldwide economic organization. The CCI carries out universal trade activities such as certification of international document, operation of bilateral economic cooperation committees and reception of trade missions.

Worldwide Economic Organization

  • Gwangju CCI is making its utmost efforts to spearhead the business at the high-tech and digital fields.

Special Status of Organization

  • CCI is politically neutral organization.
  • CCI does not work for commercial benefits.
  • CCI does not implement projects that would benefit specific entrepreneurs.

Area of Jurisdiction

  • Gwangju, Naju, Yeonggwang, Hwasun, Jangseong, Gokseong, Damyang
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