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  • Gokseong, located in the northeast part of South Jeolla province, is forming the borders with Gurye in the east, Suncheon and Hwasun in the east, Damyang in the east, Namwon and Sunchang in the north with between in Sunja River, upper stream of Seomjin River. As of August, 2007, the total household was 14,077 and total population was 34,343. Also, it is divided into 1 town and 10 subcounties.
  • Gokseong was called Yoknae or Yokcheon in the Baekje Period. Yok meant a valley, and Yoknae or Yokcheon meant the place with many valleys. As shown by the name of Gokseong(meaning a valley town), Gokseong is outstretched over the northeast of the Sobaek mountain range to the southwest of it. As of now, Gokseong takes up 4.53% of the total land surface area of the Jeonnam with an area of 547.43㎢, which is mainly accounting for the 72.4% of forestland and 17.5% of farmland.
  • Soonja River, one of the largest tributaries of Seomjin River, runs down taking its source from Mt. Mai and Woongchi in Jeonju, runs down to northern area. At Aprok, it joins Boseong River running down from Boseong of South Jeolla Province to become Seomjin River, and flows into Cheondujin, Gurye. The tributaries of the rivers flow into the region creating a small floodplain. The soil is fertile with well-irrigated fields making the region good for rice farming.
  • In December, 2005, Gokseong has the number of 1,767 companies and employed 9,096 workers. In terms of business type, wholesale and retail has dominated the most.
  • Under the slogan of “Family Friendly EcoVillage,” Gokseong is putting efforts to breathe in new value in the fields of economy, welfare, and culture to raise its competitiveness through the self-governing administration. Gokseong also aims at supporting children's education, rearing agriculture of area, cultivating area and expanding base of sightseeing, and promoting area people's welfare, and convenience of life.

Gokseong at a glance

  • Gokseong at a glance
    Area 547.43 km² (4.53% of Jeonnam Province)
    Population 34,343 (as of Dec, 2005)
    Number of households 14,077 (as of Dec, 2005)
    Administrative division 1 towns, 10 subcounties
    Municipal flower Golden Bell
    Municipal tree Zelkova Tree
    Municipal bird Magpie
    Road pavement rate 81%
    Public Officers 553
    Number of Teachers 397
    Education facilities 23 schools(7,595 students) including kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, and universities
    Companies & Employees 2,689 companies / 11,509 persons (2005 yr)
    Annual Budget KRW 199,559 Million (2005 yr)
    Attractions Mt. Dongak's sunrise, Dorim Temple, Sunja River
    Specialties Apple, Pear, Jujube
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